It's summer and you're eating outside, in the garden, perhaps, or on the patio or decking. And, since it's summer, you'll be thinking about healthy salad. The trouble is, this can be a bit boring. Just green leaves, and cucumber, and so on.

So, what you need is a tasty dressing. This is a particular favourite of mine - sparks up almost any combination of leaves and vegetables.

Take a jar with a screw-top lid - something that originally held jam, or olives, or something. (I like to keep a few jars of this kind around the kitchen to re-use - just run the empty jar through the dishwasher a time or two when you've finished the contents.)

Put a teaspoon of a decent french mustard - Dijon, for preference - in the jar. Add a little salt and lots of finely-ground black pepper. Than add a tablespoon of white wine vinegar and stir to dissolve the mustard.

Now the secret ingredient! Add a teaspoon of the best-quality balsamic vinegar you can afford. I am currently using a particularly nice Italian cherry balsamic which we bought in a little shop in Lucca on a trip to Tuscany. Stir in.

The last bit is olive oil. Do try and use "extra virgin" (first pressing) oil and, once again, the best quality you can afford. The amount of oil to add is a bit tricky, but about three times the volume of vinegar is a good place to start.

Put the lid on the jar and shake vigorously - make sure the lid is firmly attached first! You can always taste and add more oil if it is still a bit sharp. Add generously to the salad leaves and serve. The jar will keep in the fridge for days - if there's any left.