This is another one of Tracey's favourites. I use "penne" pasta (short, big tubes!) which works well with the wheat-free pasta that I use. (Tracey reacts badly to wheat products.) Of course you can use ordinary pasta penne just as well.

Cook up the pasta in a large pan of heavily salted water for however long it says on the packet. Add a splash of olive oil to the boiling water to stop the pasta sticking. When cooked, drain, then cool in cold water for a few minutes, and then drain again. (This dish works better if the cooked pasta is more-or-less cold at this stage.)

I try and get skinless and boneless fillets for this dish. Otherwise, you will have to skin and bone the salmon yourself - sharpen the knife first! Then cut the salmon into lumps a couple of centimetres on a side.

Boil up a fish stock cube with a quarter of a pint of water in a deep saucepan. I like to add a teaspoon of one of those spicy Asian fish pastes or sauces, which certainly gives a certain tang to the dish. Currently, I'm using a Thai shrimp paste, which is very good - if a bit smelly! I also like to add a good pinch of saffron - the combination of the saffron and fish sauce is what makes this dish so special.

Simmer the stock for a few minutes, to allow the saffron to infuse. Then, once the stock is boiling nicely, chuck in the fish chunks and stir gently until the salmon is close to being cooked through.

Then, stir in the cold pasta, which will absorb most of the remaining fluid in the pan. Add an ounce of flaked Parmesan cheese, and stir so it all melts. Finally, a little freshly-ground black pepper, and a splash of cream, then serve immediately in bowls. Perhaps a little green salad on the side?