Celeriac Celeriac is a rather unusual vegetable these days, and not so very often seen. But if you do manage to pick some up in the market, here is a simple and very traditional way of cooking it.

Peel and slice the celeriac - one root is enough as a side dish for four people - and place in a shallow oven-to-table dish. Dissolve a beef stock cube in a quarter of a pint of boiling water and pour over the vegetable.

Add a splash of olive oil and plenty of freshly-ground black pepper. You may want to add salt, but most stock cubes are already quite salty enough.

Place in a pre-heated oven at 180C (Gas Mark 5) for at least 45 minutes. The celeriac should be tender and the flavours of the vegetable and stock should have mingled nicely.

Serve at the table in the cooking dish. This dish works well in conjunction with traditional Roast Beef.