I'm very keen on making boiled potatoes more interesting. I like to buy small "new" or "salad" potatoes and cook them with their skins. Just now, I really like Anya spuds, as they have a particularly nice nutty flavour. Charlotte potatoes are another good choice.

My preferred technique is to add flavourings to the water as the potatoes cook. Wash the spuds in the usual way, and halve any larger ones to ensure that they are all about the same size. Put in a pan with a well-fitting lid, and cover with cold water.

Now it's time to add the flavouring. I quite like the taste of cardamoms, and three or four added to the water at this stage is rather good. But, for this recipe, I like to add a vegetable stock cube and a pinch of saffron (just a very little!) to the water.

Bowl of Anya potatoes Also add a little salt, but be careful since stock cubes are often quite salty anyway.

Partially cover the pan, and bring to the boil, then cook until the potatoes begin to soften, but are not fully cooked. Then, turn off the heat, completely cover the pan, and allow to stand for 10 minutes or so. This allows the potatoes to completely cook without disintegrating in bubbling water, and allows the flavouring more time to infuse.

Drain and serve with knobs of butter in the usual way.