This is a delicious light snack, for lunch perhaps, or can make an excellent starter for a more substantial meal. The trick is to get the best crab meat you can find, although even processed crab paste (in jars) will do at a pinch.

Buttered Crumpet Get the grill really nice and hot. Take four crumpets and toast them on the reverse side until they are well browned and quite firm to the touch. (This prevents the warm butter from draining out of the bottom!)

Turn over the crumpets and toast for a minute or so on the upper (holey) side. Butter each hot crumpet, then spread a tablespoon of crab meat (white or brown meat, or a mixture, is fine) on each one.

Top with grated cheese and finish with freshly-ground black pepper and (optionally) a dash of cayenne pepper or perhaps paprika for added colour and flavour.

Put the crumpets back under the grill for another few minutes, until the cheese is all melted and bubbling. Serve immediately, perhaps garnished with parsley.