A barbeque is not complete without good steaks. Here's an easy and fun way to marinate your beef. This works best with Sirloin or Rump steak.

Kitchen knives for men

The trick is to marinate the steaks for ages before cooking them. Overnight in the fridge ideally. The basis of the marinade is dead simple: a handful of garlic cloves - no need to peel them, just smash them flat with the side of the kitchen knife. (Another "Cooking for Men" tip - big kitchen knives!)

Drop the garlic into the bottom of a wide flat dish, then place the washed steaks in the dish over the top. Sprinkle with a very little salt and lots of fresh, coarsely-ground black pepper.

Cover the steaks with red wine - a good way of using up that naff bottle of cheap red wine that some guest fobbed off on you ages ago. (Everyone has one of these!)

Cover the dish with clingfilm, and stick in the frige until tomorrow - or at least two hours. Get the barbeque fired up, then cook the steak quickly over the coals and serve immediately. Your guests will be back for more, so make sure you prepare lots!