This may be another one of those occasions to use a gadget! There are special pans for poaching eggs, which work well - they have a lower compartment for boiling water, and separate holders of individual eggs. The only advice I'd give is that the holders should be greased. Once upon a time, I would have used a little butter, but I find that olive oil (a cheap grade is fine) wiped over the inner surface gives a good result.

If you don't have an egg poacher, then the old-fashioned approach is to use a pan of water, to which a little salt and a splash of white wine vinegar (don't use chip-shop malt vinegar, as the eggs will taste really funny!) has been added.

Boil the water, then turn the heat right down until it is just bubbling. Swirl the water around, crack the egg and tip the contents into the central vortex. (Sounds like something out of Doctor Who!) Keep the water just bubbling, and skim off any scum that forms.

After a couple of minutes, the egg white should be cooked firm, while leaving the yolk still runny. Scoop out, drain and serve immediately (perhaps with Smoked Haddock?).