A great way of eating - or at least consuming - more fruit. Another area where a little experimentation is often fun - and another way of using up fruit leftovers.

Of course you will need a blender or food processor of some kind. Ideally, a tall blender with a tightly-fitting lid is the best - you certainly don't want liquified fruit all over the kitchen walls!

The thickening ingredient in smoothies is usually banana, but this can be very sweet, so I find that adding the juice of a lemon adds a pleasant amount of sharpness. Of course, if your other fruit is quite tangy, or if you prefer a sweeter drink, then adding a little honey can work well.

So, add to your blender in order a peeled banana, the lemon juice and the honey (if used). Then, any other fruit you fancy. Raspberries, blackberries and strawberries work well, as do cranberries and loganberries.

Whizz up in the blender. It will probably be far too thick at this stage, so add a little chilled water from the fridge, or perhaps some apple juice - if the latter, then you may well not want to include the honey, otherwise it will be too sweet.

Pour into a tall glass, or perhaps two to share, and serve immediately.