This is a really quick and tasty snack which can be made from the contents of the store cupboard.

Pancake Batter

First make the batter. Put 4 ounces of plain flour in a food processor, add a pinch of salt and a knob of butter, and then break an egg on the top. Pour in 5 fluid ounces of milk. Process for twenty seconds; you should get a smooth thick paste. Pour in another 5 fluid ounces of milk, then process for another thirty seconds. You should have a smooth batter. Leave for a few minutes before cooking.

Put an ounce of frozen sweetcorn in a microwave-proof dish and cover with boiling water from the kettle. Microwave on full power for three minutes or until the corn is cooked through. Drain thoroughly. (Tinned sweetcorn can be used as an alternative.)

Open and drain a small tin of tuna (about 150 grams drained weight). Tip the fish into a bowl and add a couple of tablespoons of mayonnaise. Grind a little black pepper over the top and then stir well.

Process the batter one more time then pour into a jug. This makes it easier to pour into the frying pan.

Heat a teaspoon of oil in a large heavy-based frying pan, tipping the pan so that the oil entirely covers the surface. When the oil is really hot, pour enough batter into the pan to entirely cover the surface in a thin layer, tipping the pan again to make sure the batter is nicely spread out. Sprinkle half of the sweencorn over the pancake.

Cook the pancake until it will slide about the pan easily, then flip it over. Try not to get it stuck to the ceiling! Sprinkle an ounce of cheese over the cooked surface - it will melt while the other side of the pancake is cooked.

Slide the cooked pancake onto a plate. Spoon half of the tuna and mayo mix over the surface, fold in half and serve to your companion. Then repeat the whole process again to cook your own.

There will probably be enough batter left over for a sweet pancake to follow. Just make the pancake without sweetcorn or cheese, and serve simply with a sprinkling of brown sugar and the juice of a wedge of lemon.