This is another light and tasty way of cooking salmon, and one which works best with skin-on boneless fillets.

Wash the fillets and place them skin-side up on a plate. Dust the skin with ground ginger, freshly-ground black pepper and a little salt. (This makes it easy to remove the skin at the table.)

Put a tablespoon of olive oil and knob of butter in a medium-sized frying-pan, and set on the stove to get nice and hot.

Slice a lemon in half and cut a thick round from each half. Squeeze the juice from the remaining ends.

Put the salmon fillets in the oil and butter, skin-side down, and cook for three minutes. Then turn the fillets over, and add the lemon slices to the pan. Then pour the lemon juice over the fish as it cooks. Cook for a further three minutes.

In a second, large frying-pan (a wok works well), heat up another tablespoon of oil. When really hot, stir-fry a large handful of greens (any leftover mixed salad leaves works well, or you could use spinach) for just a few seconds, until the leaves are all wilted.

Scoop the wilted leaves onto two warmed plates. Place the cooked fillets - skin side up - on top of the leaves, then add the cooked lemon slices as garnish. Serve immediately, with boiled new potatoes flavoured with mint, or perhaps Saffron Potatoes.