Griddled Tuna Steaks with Salad Eating fish, especially oily fish, is supposed to be good for you - eat a variety of fish once or twice a week seems to be the current advice. So, some suggestions for you to enjoy!

You also might care to look at some of my breakfast fish recipes, like my very popular recipe for cooking Kippers, or my Ceviche recipe (served as a starter).

Salmon Fillets Salmon Penne
Fish Parcels
(Oriental Style)
Griddled Tuna Griddled Tuna Steaks
Scallops Scallops with Pasta
Ocean Pie Ocean Pie
Pan for Mussels Moules Marinieres
Salt and Pepper Squid (Chinese style)
Sea Bass Fillets Baked Sea Bass
Eggs Egg Salad with Caviare
Salmon Fillets Seared Salmon
Tuna Steaks Teriyaki Tuna
(French Fish Soup)
Pan-fried Sole
with Lemon
Packet of smoked salmon Smoked Salmon Pasta
Tagine Pot Fish Tagine