Just a few of my favourite Cooking for Men recipes. All very much in the "chuck it all in and stir" style of Jamie Oliver, in his Naked Chef persona.

I've maintained for many years that cooking is the ideal hobby for men. Think how therapeutic it is to come home after a hard day in the office and attack an onion with a very large kitchen knife. In addition, you're allowed to play with fire (or at least gas flames!), use all the gadgets you can think of, and you can have lots of sharp knives. And, when you've finished, with a bit of luck, you can actually eat the result. Obviously for men!

Kitchen sign saying Danger - Men Cooking These really are easy recipes for men, though. Nothing too fancy, nothing too difficult and nothing which takes too long to produce. Cookery for men requires instant gratification!
Danger, Men Cooking...

Unless stated otherwise, all of my recipes are sized for two modest potions. Feel free to scale up as necessary - just multiply all the quantities by two, or whatever. I always like to practice a recipe with small quantities, mainly since it is much less of a waste should it all go terribly wrong!

You will see that I tend to mix and match metric and old-fashioned Imperial measures in my recipes. Partially, this is just laziness, athough I do find that I use different measures depending on the task at hand. For example, for skills I learned very young (like carpentry or cooking) - when Imperial measures were unchallenged in Britain - I most often use old-fashioned measurements (ounces, sixteenth's of an inch, and so on) while for activities which resemble science or engineering I use the familiar metric (S.I.) units - kilogrammes, metres, and so on.

Some of these recipes are now appearing on menus at my new pop-up restaurant Two and Threes Hideaway.

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