Here's a way with vegetables with a Mediterranean feel. Excellent with a summer dinner, perhaps al fresco. This dish works well with soft vegetables: courgettes or celery are both good.

Wash three or four courgettes and remove top-and-tail. Cut them in half length-ways and place them, cut side up, in a shallow ovenproof dish. Alternatively, wash and chop four or five sticks of celery.

I like to use vine tomatoes - that is, with the tomatoes still on the stalks. This adds interest to the resulting dish. Place five or six tomatoes on top the the courgettes (or celery) in the dish. Alternatively, use three or four ordinary tomatoes, cut in half.

Add a couple of cloves of garlic, peeled and gently squashed with the side of a kitchen knife. If you like, you can add a small chilli, finely sliced, or a handful of stoneless black olives.

Slice a lemon in half, and cut a round from one half. Slice in half, and place the lemon slices on top of the vegetables. Squeeze the remaining lemon and pour the juice over the vegetables. Add a good splash (a technical term, meaning three or four tablespoons!) of good quality olive oil.

Sprinkle with a half-teaspoon of salt and plenty of freshly-ground black pepper. Garnish with a spring of herbs: rosemary or oregano both work well. Alternatively, use a little mixed dried herbs from a jar.

Put the dish of vegetables in an oven at 180C (Gas Mark 5) for at least 45 minutes. The vegetables should all be soft and infused with the flavour from the herbs, garlic and lemon juice. Serve in the dish used for cooking.