Here's a nice way of serving rice. Also works well with brown (unpolished) Basmati rice. I like to use a heavy non-stick pan with a tighly-fitting lid from Le Creuset.

Slice an onion finely and soften in a little olice oil in the pan. I sometimes add a large (mild) chilli if I can find one in the fridge. Stir a large measure of rice into the oil in the pan, and warm gently and continue to stir until the rice is completely covered.

Add two-and-a-half measures of hot water with a chicken stock cube dissolved in it. Add a large handful of peas - frozen ones direct from the freezer work very well.

Sprinkle on some mixed herbs and some freshly-ground black pepper. You may need salt or not, depending on the stock cube used.

I sometimes add a few halved cherry tomatoes, although Tracey is not very fond of cooked tomatoes.

Bring the stock to the boil, stiring frequently. Once it's boiling nicely, turn off the heat, stick on the top (good seal, remember!) and leave it alone for twenty minutes.

At the end of this period, all of the fluid will have been absorbed and the tasty rice is ready to serve. Just fluff it up a little with a fork.

This side dish seems to work well with Greek-style chicken skewers.