This one sounds strange - a warm salad dressing - but is actually really tasty and very easy to do.

You will need two or three tablespoons of mixed olives from a jar. Put the olives in a sieve and rinse off the vinegar, then put them in a small saucepan.

Add half a teaspoon of whole black peppercorns - or you could use green or pink ones for added interest if you like. Also add a couple of teaspoons of pickled capers - rinse these first - and a tablespoon of sundried tomatoes.

Add eight tablespoons of good-quality olive oil to the saucepan and heat the whole lot gently on the stove. The objective is to get the oil piping hot without boiling it - remember that olive oil boils at quite a low temperature. Simmer very gently - really, just keep warm - for at least ten minutes.

While the flavours are infusing into the oil, arrange salad leaves on two plates. What kind of leaves you use is up to you, but I find that including some strongly-falvoured leaves, like Rocket or Watercress, works very well.

Spoon the olives, etc. over the leaves, together with at least some of the oil itself, and serve immediately, perhaps with Barbecue Chicken.