This is another champagne cocktail I made for Tracey on New Year's Eve, 2006. This is a separated cocktail, orange at the bottom and golden at the top - hence the sunset name.

You need the tallest, narrowest champagne flute you can find for this drink.

Chuck half-a-dozen ice cubes in a cocktail shaker, and add a small measure of vodka. Then add half a measure each of cherry brandy and cassis. Shake briefly, and drain into the champagne flute - this should fill to just less than half way.

Now for the tricky bit. Get a cocktail swizzer - a flat disk on the end of a rod - and hold so that the plate is just on the surface of the mixture in the glass.

Very very carefully and gently, pour the champagne so that it runs down the rod of the swizzer. Keep pouring - slowly - until the flute is full. Present with a flourish!