Bottle of Pomegranate Juice Pomegranate juice is very popular at the moment, and can now be bought in bottles and cartons in supermarkets. Much better than trying to separate the juice from the zillions of pips in the real fruit!

Undiluted, the taste of pomegranate juice is very strong, so here's a way of overcoming that problem.

For this drink to work properly, use 100% pomegranate juice. The "Pomegranate juice drink" products you can get in supermarkets are usually less than 30% juice, and topped up with sweetened water. Avoid.

Put a handful of ice into a large glass. Add a measure (not too large!) of vodka, and the juice of half a lime. Add four measures of pomegranate juice, and then top up with lemonade or tonic water (diet lemonade works well).

Stir gently for a few moments, add a straw and decorate with a slice of lime.